About Us

Brewton Storage is a local privately owned company chartered to acquire and manage self-storage facilities.  Founded in 2023. With over forty years of experience in developing, acquiring, and operating,  throughout Alabama and Florida with multiple facilities. 

Our business is to provide outstanding value and service in the self storage industry. We are a technology based facility using Noke technology for the convenient and worry free self storage experience. 

Information about Noke:

Noke is a Bluetooth electronic lock and total access control system that allows  customers to easily access your unit from your smart device. Tenants enjoy a more convenient and worry-free self-storage experience with Noke ONE smart locks because you can now use your mobile phones to access the facility and your individual units without worrying about remembering any codes or keys. Customers can also view access activity, share a digital key with employees, family members, or movers, and move-in to a unit whenever they’d like. Tenants can rent units online, use the app to access the facility and their units and move-in: all without having to come into the office. 

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Brewton Storage

1345 South Blvd

Brewton, AL 36426